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July 28, 2020



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:


            It seems impossible, but it was Friday, March 13 when we first wrote to you, sharing the decision of Session to suspend worship in the sanctuary for what, at the time, we thought would be only a couple of weeks.  Never did we envision we would be apart from each other for so very long.  And, at this writing, Session remains uncertain of a date when in-person worship may safely return to the sanctuary.


            However, in the meantime, your Worship Committee, together with your Re-Entry Team, minister, and minister of music, have been working with prayerful and diligent determination to develop a set of guidelines which will enable us to come together again.  And we are pleased to share with you that Sunday afternoon Session met to consider these guidelines, to question, comment, and ultimately adopt them as a pathway for CPC to follow going forward. 


            Enclosed with this letter you will find a brochure, which summarizes the guidelines in brief and concise form.  If you would like a written copy of the full set of guidelines, please feel free to email or call Annette and one will be furnished to you.  A PDF of both documents will be available on our website and in our Monday and Friday emails going forward.


            In the coming weeks, after you have had an opportunity to review and reflect on these new guidelines, we will circulate another survey to receive your impressions and comments.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Annette or any member of Session.  As mentioned earlier, Session is yet to determine a date for our safe return to in-person worship; however, as we wrote to you so many weeks ago:


  • In-person worship has been suspended.

  • Church is not cancelled.

  • We are the church!


            For, as our Lord has assured us: “where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (Matthew 18:20). 


Yours, in Christ,

Rev. Annette Eckerd Goard                                                     William M. Smith, Clerk of Session


CPC Re-entry brochure

CPC Guidelines

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