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Our History

Dedicated to the Men and Women of Clarksville Presbyterian Church

Who have come before us and laid the foundation of the church we love today


“For all the saints, who from their labours rest,

Who Thee by faith before the world confessed,

Thy Name, O Jesus, be forever blessed.

Alleluia, Alleluia!


Thou wast their Rock, their Fortress and their Might;

Thou, Lord, their Captain in the well fought fight;

Thou, in the darkness drear, their one true Light.

Alleluia, Alleluia!”

                                                                                    Text by William Walsham How, 1864

                                                                                 Music by Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1906

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Clarksville Presbyterian Church

1909 - present

"In the year 1726, a group of twelve Presbyterian families arrived in the United States from Scotland and settled in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.  In the group were John and Margaret Caldwell who settled at Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, and petitioned Governor Gooch of Virginia, on behalf of himself and others who were about to settle in the back parts of Virginia, for the right to worship in a way “agreeable to the principles of their education.”  Governor Gooch gave his assurance that there would be no interference with any church or minister who conformed to the Acts of Tolerance..."

FOR THE FULL HISTORY FROM 1832 to the present, please open the file below.

The History of Clarksville Presbyterian Church,  1832-Present.           Posted 5/23/2022

This history is a work in progress.  If you are aware of errors or omissions, please notify the Editor.  Regular updates will be posted. 

Dr. Thomas Drew, Pastor from 1893-1917 & his son, Dr. Alessandro Drew

Russell Furniture.jpg

Russell Furniture Building

Interim meeting house, 1908-1909

IMG_0267 gray.jpg

Second Baptist Church

209 Fourth Street

Original Church, 1861-1907

This presentation was made by Dr. Eunsoo Choi on April 28, 2024, at Clarksville Presbyterian Church, and is used by permission of Dr. Choi.

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