Presbyterian Church

Rev. Annette Eckerd Goard



PO Box 717

502 Virginia Avenue, Clarksville, VA  23927

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Who We Are

Clarksville Presbyterian is committed to providing pastoral care for people in joy, sorrow, and ordinary life, as well as providing programs that give comfort to our elderly, enrichment to individuals of all ages, encouragement to young parents and their children, and inspiration and stimulation to young people.

Jesus calls us to be active participants in our community, nation, and the world.  In our community we see hunger, unemployment, and loneliness.  We believe that the church needs to confront popular and unpopular issues of today through worship, teaching and our actions as individuals, and the actions of the whole church. Our challenge is to grow our faith, commitment, and actions to reflect our love of God and one another. We meet this challenge through the outreach and ministry of Clarksville Presbyterian Church. Although we cannot solve these problems alone, we know that when our efforts are combined with others, and with God's divine guidance, we can make a difference in our community, in the nation, and the world.